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Luck & Logic: Brave Logic TD

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We have discovered the truth one day. It transcends even the building blocks of all matter, the atom. A certain concept which governs emotions, talent, memories, and those with neither shape nor form.

Even the Gods which exist due to the 'Logic' of other worlds have found a common place in this world. Battles where the survival of these worlds hang in the balance are about to begin.

Bushiroad, Bandai Visual, Nitroplus, Lantis, Yuhodo, Doga Kobo; the leaders of media content present you 2016's biggest project; Luck & Logic! The door to the world of Anime and TCG Trance is now open! 

T Luck & Logic, now broadcasting and streaming in ten countries, is a Sci-FI 'bishojo' battle action anime with 'Trance' as the theme! The world of Luck & Logic features beautiful girls and boys who possess an array of abilities who 'trance' with travelers from parallel dimensions, and transform into a new fascinating appearance with powers beyond their control!

A hot stamp signed card from a Japanese voice actress, Sora Tokui (who voices Chloe Maxwell) is inserted randomly in decks!

Featured World/Color:
World of Power Monolium/Green

1 Pre-constructed trial deck contains 60 pre-set cards
1 Quick manual
1 Play mat